What is Picto Online?

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Online service of the prestigious photographic laboratory Picto, Picto Online offers photo prints with or without finish, created from your JPG, TIF or PDF files. The files are processed without the intervention of our technicians in terms of cropping, color corrections or any kind of alterations. We furnish the ICC profiles of all our services so that even our most demanding clients can prepare their files as precisely as possible. We respect your files and your visuals as you have prepared them.

What kind of services are offered?

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We offer 8 families of services :
  • Photo print: C-print and pigment inkjet printing.
  • Mounted print: Mounted prints on different medias.
  • Framed print: Framed prints in different types of frames.
  • Acrylic print: Acrylic mounted prints or under acrylic prints
  • Canvas and subframe: Printed canvas mounted on a wooden frame
  • On rigid media: Prints on different types of rigid medias such as dibond, acrylic, etc.
  • On flexible media: Prints on different types of flexible medias such as wallpapers, large size canvas, etc.
  • Certified proof: Certified proof fogra

What are the advantages of Picto Online?

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  • Professional quality for your photographic prints
  • Competitive prices with an invoicing to the squared centimeter.
  • Prints and finish made-to-measure, precise to the millimeter
  • Free online support service: serviceclient@PictoOnline.fr
  • Availability of ICC profiles to prepare your images and ensure optimal final result
  • Possibility to order very large size prints:
    • Maximum width 1,25m for C-prints
    • Maximum width 1,60m for pigment inkjet printing
    • Maximum width 2,50m for printing on flexible media 2x3m printing on rigid media
  • Optimized production time, see our time limits
  • Possibility to transfer an order to a third-party for its confirmation and payment
  • Monitoring of orders and notifications by email
  • Shipping of prints at home or to another address by post, Colissimo, Chronopost France/Europe depending on price and destinations
  • Possibility for free picking in our two offices, Bastille and La Défense

How to calculate the price of an order?

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3 possibilities:
  1. The calculator available on the Homepage allows you to quickly calculate a price.
  2. Simulate your order without uploading your pictures. Without being logged-in, you can therefore simulate the price of your prints and finish. By logging-in, you can access the recap page, simulate the shipping price and print an invoice.
  3. Simulate the order by uploading your files. When you are logged-in, you will be able to save your order in order to get an invoice right away, and make your order latter. The files are saved for three days on our servers. After this time, your saved order will be deleted.

What are the production time limits?

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You can consult our production time limits by service and finish on the page our time limits.
For any request of a specific time limit, send an email to serviceclient@PictoOnline.fr to verify its feasibility.

How to access my account?

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In order to log in, click on the icon icon connexion and then « my account ».

I am unable to log in with my username and password

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On the log in page, you can use the feature “Forgot password?” in order to reboot your password

I have some uploading issues

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Slowness:A normal Internet connection can download 300mo in one hour. If the upload of your files takes too much time, try from another device and/or with another Internet connection.
Rejection after upload: Picto Online does not recognize your files. Verify that your files are in the format JPG, TIF or PDF and that each file does not exceed 2go.

What file format should I use?

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We only accept files in the format JPG, TIF and PDF.
If you are not familiar with the PDF format, use in priority JPG and TIF files.

What should be the resolution of my files?

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It is not necessary to prepare your files according to the resolution of the printer.
The final formatting will be done automatically. During the configuration of your print, the E-factor indicates if your file is too small for the size of your print.
If you nevertheless want to prepare your files for final formatting, opt for a resolution of 300 dpi.

What kind of paper or media should I use?

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When choosing your paper or media on Picto Online, we offer various pictures and descriptions aimed to help you in making your choice according to your preferences and constraints.
The rendition of a print on a screen being very hard to adequately reproduce, nothing is better than being able to see and touch your prints “in real life”. This is why we offer sample catalogues of each of our media and papers in the section “Shop”.
We also invite you to come to our office at Picto Bastille 53bis rue de la Roquette 75011 Paris, where it will be our pleasure to show you the different options and previews for your photos.
Finally, you can ask your questions by email to serviceclient@PictoOnline.fr and we will advise you quickly.

I want to add white margins

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Adding white margins on the Picto Onlune interface will be available shortly. Until then, you can send us your photos with the desired margin included in the file. We will print and cut it respecting your margins.

What kind of color space for my files?

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Preferably, choose an RVB colour space of the type Adobe98 or sRGB, and be sure to embark the ICC profile in your files.
Avoid the color spaces CMYK or greyscale, except in the case of certified proof, for which a CMYK colour space is necessary.
We automatically convert your file in the color space of the media chosen.
For those who have a calibrated screen and want to visualize the preview of the media chosen on their screen, all our ICC profiles can be downloaded by clicking on Download ICC profile during the choice of paper or media.
profil icc

I get the message: “RVB without profile”

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If you get this message, it’s because the embedded ICC profile of your file is not recognized by Picto Online.
If your image is in the color space sRGB*, there will be no incidence.
If your image is in another color space, it is better to find a way to save your file embarking an ICC profile.
*sRGB : Generic color space is generally set by default on the photography programs. If you have not modified it, it is certainly your working space by default.

I would like to benefit from the school or organization discount

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If you have created an account following the procedure of registration School/Organization and if you do not have another email address to do it, you have to ask us to delete your account by mail at serviceclient@PictoOnline.fr.
You will then be able to recreate your account and the dean of your school or organization will validate your request.

What are the shipping costs?

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The shipping costs depend on the shipping option chosen, the destination and the total weight of your order (print+finish+packing).
The total weight of your order appears on the recap page after the validation of your basket.

For quick and simplified information (France):
  Weight Price
Simple postal shipping (no tracking or time limit engagement): max 300g 2,50€ HT
Colissimo (with tracking, time limit of 48h in France) max 2Kg 7,20€ HT
Chronopost (with tracking, time limit 24h in France)* à partir de 10,88€ HT

300cm. Under these conditions, the time limit can be extended to 48h .

Where can I find my invoice?

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In the case of online payment by credit card, the invoice is directly sent by PDF in the attachment of the confirmation email.
The invoice is also available when you are connected with your account Picto Online in Online, dans My orders.

How can I access the listing of my orders?

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In order to get access to the listing of your orders, log in with your username and password on Picto Online and go tp my orders. The my orders tab is available when clicking on the icon help connexion on the top left corner.

I did not find any answers to my questions

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Use the contact form or send us an email at serviceclient@PictoOnline.fr
and we will answer you as soon as possible.
You can also call us at 01 53 36 21 21, We are available Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 7:30pm.
Transaction 100% secured
Purchase satisfied or money back
After-sale service available